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Welcome to the web site of Friends of Maidenhead Waterways (FoMW)... 'bringing the Thames into town'. We are a registered charity, set up by the people of Maidenhead for the benefit of the town of Maidenhead, and committed to restoring the old waterways that run through Maidenhead town centre. The project is part of  the Royal Borough's Area Action Plan to rejuvenate Maidenhead town centre.

Please see FoMW's VIDEO, introduced by Theresa May MP, which explains the background, progress to date (2019) and the waterway's central role in Maidenhead's regeneration... The project WON a special recognition award in the Canal and River Trust's Living Waterways 2019 competition. Their promotional video on the project can be seen here...

RBWM's contractor Greenford Ltd completed the new Green Lane weir last year (2020), with its integrated fish, eel passes and boat rollers. The weir has lifted surface water levels throughout the town centre to fill the already enlarged channels, while enabling fish passage and further improving biodiversity. Canoeists and residents flocked to the new Green Lane weir area on Saturday 14th March 2020 for a super LAUNCH EVENT and official opening of the first stage of the waterway by Theresa May, MP and RBWM Leader Cllr Andrew Johnson. See all the fun at ...

As we started the New Year, most FoMW activities again had to be suspended due to the pandemic. RBWM is also under severe budget pressure currently which will inevitably pace further progress, but it is good to see the Shanly Homes Chapel Arches North development moving ahead still. A second water basin there has already been completed and was filled at the end of February 2021. It completes the final stage of the York Stream of the waterway, joining up the already completed up and downstream sections.

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